MUZA believes in an education that is grounded in the specific global needs of each child, each person.

A global holistic education that supports the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual (meaning) development of each individual.

An education that promotes well-being and health of both human being and his environment.

An education that accompanies growth at all stages of life.

An education that brings to light the full potential of each individual, that helps each person find their own talents and work on their own difficulties.

An education that supports healthy relationships between individuals and with their environment.

An education that considers a human being's development as crucial and acknowledges the tremendous impact it has on the groups the individual is part of.

True interdisciplinary education that opens into the community.

An education for reconciliation that looks for and finds solutions to individual and collective challenges, asks questions, inspires, and transforms itself along with the human being it serves.

A fresh and surprising education.