Target Public

MUZA offers services to individuals, groups, organizations and institutions that deliver educational or socio-educational services.

It tackles professional development from an inside-out perspective, enhancing equilibrium, well-being and health.

MUZA steps in when people want to create a new project or wish to do something differently. She also brings inspiration and a fresh perspective to take things to the next level. MUZA helps people who are looking for outside input or solutions to a problem or simply seeking connections with other people and groups.

MUZA works with small groups of parents, teachers and young people, as well as representatives of public and private institutional services at different management levels. These institutions may be school boards, non-governmental organizations, private foundations, private schools, teachers' unions, ministries of education, etc.

Requests are welcome from all different geographical areas. Although we find working directly with our partners to be the most effective method, we are comfortable with different modes of communication.