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On MUZA's and Geneviève's work

1- “( ... ) I believe our society needs innovative, creative people with the drive to blaze new trails and make bridges between people, groups and professional and social communities, and that’s exactly what Geneviève does, in my eyes. Her far-reaching vision, applied to local problems (or situations), has given many members of our educational community the strength to take a stance and make informed choices for the future of our children.”

Antonela Vonlanthen, Institut pédagogique de Lausanne (Switzerland), parent-participant in the project

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2- “( ... ) I feel my life has been enriched by Geneviève’s social commitment, personality and professionalism ( ... ) a very creative person who has the drive and confidence to channel creative energies from others ( ... ) Geneviève is interested in a variety of wide-ranging human development issues. She focuses her skills to find solutions to problems of fairness and social justice. ( ...) In my view, Geneviève’s unique combination of motivation, creativity and perseverance, together with her intellectual capacity, places her in that minority group on whom the future of society depends. (... ) Geneviève has integrity of character. She has been able to work in various teams and groups, in roles that include leader, team member, external investigator, and more.”

Dr. Anthony Macelli, consultant, Malta

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3- “( ... ) dynamic, creative professional exchanges, contributions that perfectly matched our quality standards, guaranteed reliability in her commitments and deadlines, total transparency in discussions, effective management of stressful situations ( ... ) and finally, friendly interpersonal relations that were always full of respect for others and recognition of their work. ( ... ) Geneviève also knows how to approach complex situations, develop concise summaries, and formulate proposals for practical, pragmatic and realistic solutions.”

Charly Maurer, director of the Fondation Education et Développement, Lausanne (Switzerland)

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4 - " (...) Geneviève really informed and inspired our first and second cycle education students. (...) She provided us with a lot of food for thought about the teaching profession. Her input truly enriched our practice and helped us recharge."

Rodelyn Stoeber, professor, Education faculty, Collège universitaire St-Boniface, Winnipeg (Manitoba)

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