MUZA's History

MUZA - Creative Educational Services, an educational consulting firm, was created in 2002 in Geneva (Switzerland) by Geneviève Emond. After spending a few years in Ottawa (Canada), she came to Montreal (Canada) in 2007.

First Period: 2002 to 2005

The company was founded in response to the need for different approaches to the development of educational projects. Existing institutions were not always able to provide timely, personalized help when needed. During this very active period, MUZA was based in downtown Geneva and created or took part in projects in Switzerland, in nearby European countries and, in partnership with UN agencies, at the international level. Many partners and consultants collaborated in MUZA's projects.

Second Period: 2006 and onward

In 2006, Geneviève settled in Ottawa (Canada) and gave birth to her son, Ilian. It is also the beginning of a very intense period of reflection on MUZA's future. After few realizations about the educational environment in Ontario, Quebec and Canada in general, MUZA forged ahead, at first briefly in Ottawa and then in Montreal. MUZA's offices are now just west of downtown Montreal, in a little garden house at 4578A Draper ave. in NDG, and the company is entering a new phase of its development.