A Room of Mom's Own

Women's place in society has always interested me deeply. I have often wondered how women can manage to stay beautiful and healthy and still completely fulfil their role as women.

I am from the generation of women who were told we could do anything and have it all - and it was great to hear that at the time! - but many of us are now asking how we can slow down and feel a little better and a little healthier as we try to keep all those balls in the air...

Women today take care of far more than children, but in some cases they have the good fortune - as I do - to be able to share those tasks with a present, attentive partner, a father who truly embraces his role. These "new dads" appeal to me. They calm me down and allow me to make peace a part of myself that really needs them.


For it seems to me that it is partly through observing the tender relationship between a father and his child that women can find the strength to push ahead and learn to respect their own rhythm - not to mention the time that the development of that father-child relationship gives us. So we can really access this space of truth within ourselves, and understand what makes sense for us and for our children's upbringing, both within the formal sphere of school and elsewhere.

May 17, 2010

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